Our Mission

At Kirk Wornum Consultancy we believe that, using Coaching, Training and Human Development projects that espouse Learning, Innovation, Leadership and Personal Achievement, people will become inspired and empowered to more authentically engage in conversations that shape their reality and bring forth their best outcomes. In an ever-changing, increasingly global, world each person is called upon to face who they are being and constantly be about the design of who they are becoming.

We have created a firm that is here to facilitate the crafting of your capacities and sensibility to fully engage in this process towards attaining your goals. Kirk Wornum Consultancy opens each client, organization and entity, up to a world where they are able to talk about, be about and sustainably embody what they care about. Embracing each client’s care as they declare what matters to them allows Kirk Wornum Consultancy to share in their wonder as they create their desired futures and thus is our promise kept.