Our Products:

They are our Bees, our Hens, and our Trees!


Honey: Wildflower in all sizes, Varietals in 1lb size only (Blueberry, Knotweed, Orange Blossom)

8oz Bear (7.00) , 1lb Glass Wildflower, Knotweed, Basswood, (10.00 ) 1lb Glass Blueberry, Cranberry (11.00). 1lb Upside Down Squeeze Bottle (12.00), 2lb (17.00), 5lb (39.00)


Maple Syrup:

8oz (9.00), 12oz (12.00), 32oz (20.00), 1/2 Gallon (39.00)

Cinnamon 8oz (12.00) 12oz (15.00)

Vanilla 12oz (18.00)


Fresh Eggs:

Ungraded fresh eggs (5.00)

2017 Growing Season: We have Hot Peppers. From Mild to the Hottest Pepper on earth (The Trinidad). Mild Peppers are 2 for 1.00. 300,000SHU Peppers are $1.00 a piece.


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